Pioneer Fitness Studio

Basement, Pankaj Tower, Plot No. 10, Commercial Complex, Savita Vihar, New Delhi

Delhi, India- 110092


About Pioneer Fitness Studio : Pioneer Fitness Studio is run by the Coach Jarnail Singh. Jarnail Singh has done MPed and has 20 years of vast experience in Fitness. He provides the 100% Fitness. For Stamina Pioneer provides training on Aerobics (Kick Boxing) For Strength Pioneer provides. training on Weight Lifting. For Flexibility Pioneer provides training on Power Yoga. For Mind Power Pioneer provides training on Meditation. So all these you get under one roof only at Pioneer Fitness Studio. Packages: Rs. 3000 for One Month. Rs. 8500 for 3 Months. Rs. 15,000 for 6 Months. Rs. 21,000 for 1 Year.

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50% Discounts by Pioneer Fitness Studio

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Pioneer Fitness Studio in East Delhi offers 50% Discounts on Fitness Packages. Print this Coupon Now and save money from Rs. 1500 on one month package to Rs. 10,500 on yearly package Hurry! Offer Vali... (Read More)

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